Our Story

The Jazz Lab was born from an idea by bassist Marco Santaroni, who felt there was a lack of non-academic Jazz ensemble courses in Dublin. He also wanted to offer students the chance to meet and learn from many of the top Jazz musicians of the Dublin scene.

Having been running the Jazz Jam at the Grand Social for more than a year, a pilot jazz workshop, and talked to dozens of professional and amateur musicians, Marco knew that there would be interest in such a project.

To turn the idea into a reality, Marco sought support and found it in drummer / bandleader Cote Calmet, who brought to the project his amazing musicianship, experience and network, and above all his great enthusiasm. Together they found a venue, the beautiful Bello Bar, that had only been open for a year then.

The Jazz Lab started his first chapter in October 2014 and it was a success. The activities included 2 Ensembles, 10 Masterclasses with as many leading Jazz stars from the Dublin scene and an end-of-term showcase concert in a packed Bello Bar. Over 30 Students took part in the ensembles and Masterclasses, creating a great buzz and showing huge appreciation for what we were doing.

From there The Jazz Lab kept growing. New ensembles were added: Latin, Jazz Standards, Blues to Swing. A hundred more musicians and music fans got to be part of this amazing journey.

Four seasons later, our desire to expand and improve our offer led to a tremendous new partnership with pianist / arranger / bandleader Cian Boylan and his Camden Recording Studios. Cian joined the team – adding a “New Orleans” ensemble and an arrangement workshop – and the Studios became The Jazz Lab’s new home.




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