Rhythm Class with Cote Calmet

Rhythm is not only for drummers, but every single instrument because it helps in sight reading, soloing, composition and most importantly playing in time together. You can know all the scales in the world, but “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”.

So our drum guru Cote Calmet put a rhythm class together

Duration: 5 weeks

Dates and times TBC, subject to minimum number of students.


  • week 1: Introduction to Rhythm
  • week 2: Feel: straight, 16th notes, 8th notes and its subdivisions
  • week 3: Shuffle, swing, triplet feel and triplet subdivision
  • week 4: Combining straight and triplet feels. How to create claves and how to incorporate them in your playing
  • week 5: Understanding Poly-rhythms

All classes will be practised with a metronome

Cost: €175   (€125 for students of the ensembles)


 Music Theory with Cian Boylan

The course is intended for students who have some music experience but no theory knowledge. It would also benefit classically trained musicians who wish to figure out how to apply their skills to a jazz context and learn the Jazz jargon.

Each topic will be approached on both aural and visual levels: you will hear the notes from the piano as well as seeing them on a music staff. This will get you started on both ear training and reading.
You will learn the essential terminology common to classical and Jazz music and the jargon only used by Jazz musicians.

Topics covered:

Intervals, Chromatic scale, Circle of Fifths/Fourths
Chords: major and minor triads, diminished and augmented triads, seventh and extended chords, chord symbols
Scales: major, minor, mixolydian, pentatonic major and minor, Blues, Bebop and modal scales
Chord progressions and common song forms in Jazz
Rhythm, Swing, Articulation and Phrasing

Duration: 5 weeks

Dates and times TBC, subject to minimum number of students.

Cost €175 (€125 for ensemble students)

Course content is only indicative, the tutor can tailor it to suit the group level

To apply to the classes or to have more details, please fill the application form